fre, 2020-11-13 - lör, 2020-11-14 Austria Center Vienna, Vienna

Inspire Women's Conference 2020


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Virtual ticket - online attender

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Inspire Princess - Girls under age 12

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Student ages 13-24

43,57 € (inkl. bokningsavgift)

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Friday only

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Saturday only

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Pastors & Group Leaders | Dinner

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fre, 2020-11-13 -
lör, 2020-11-14

Austria Center Vienna
Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1
AT-1220 Vienna

Vienna Christian Center
Baumgasse 72
AT-1030 Wien

Inspire Women's Conference 2020

Dear Girls,

We hope that you will join us for INSPIRE 2020! It would really be our joy to welcome you at the Austria Center.
In 2018 we launched our first INSPIRE Conference and oh wow, it was a touch of Heaven. The power of being together in worship and celebration is electrifying.

Our mission for INSPIRE is to bring girls together from all generations and cultures, to INSPIRE life, hope and joy. To see women rise and take their stand to be Hope and Light to this World. We truly do make each other better and we INSPIRE each other towards greatness. When we become better, we naturally impact all of those that our life will touch.

INSPIRE will be full of memory making moments, powerful worship, amazing production pieces, dance, anointed speakers and special surprises that we can not wait to share with you!
We have a place for the youngest girls to the oldest: so bring your daughters and your grandmoms. Just be sure to make every effort to join us for INSPIRE and of course don't leave any of your friends behind. Bring them too!

Can’t wait to see you!