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Thu, 5/28/20 - Sat, 5/30/20 Equippers Rhein-Main, Mainz

Stärker Equippers Conference 2020

A sleeping giant stirs and rises. God’s church awakens, ready to win an entire generation for Jesus. The impossible becomes possible as leaders step out, bold in faith, dedicating their lives, making a difference that reaches into eternity. A longing for the presence of God and the action of His Spirit, stronger than ever before. A new, godly perspective, beyond any imagination: Stärker - Stronger than you think.


Stärker 2020 - All

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Stärker 2020 - Kids


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Thu, 5/28/20
End: Sat, 5/30/20

Equippers Rhein-Main
Hauptstraße 17-19 (Gebäude 6329)
DE-55120 Mainz

Equippers Mainz
Hauptstraße 17-19 Gebäude 6329
DE-55120 Mainz


Stärker Equippers Conference 2020

Mark Varughese
(Pastor Kingdomcity Malaysia)

After a personal encounter with God, Mark, together with his wife Jemima and their two sons, share a passion and burden to bring the reality of God to our world across multiple cultures. Kingdomcity, planted in Malaysia in 2006, is best known for its „family atmosphere“ with an emphasis on relational connection, spiritual hunger, and daily empowerment of believers. Kindomcity is quickly expanding into a global movement with seeds now in Africa, the middle East, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Pastor Sam Monk
(Senior Pastor Equippers Auckland)

Ps. Sam and Kathy Monk have been leading Equippers Church since 2000. Sam is the visionary leader of the Equippers Churches global movement as well as the Acts National apostolic movement. He sits on a number of national and global boards to see a generation mobilised into their world to be the revival.

Pastor Thore Runkel
(Senior Pastor Equippers Mainz)

At 14 years of age, Pastor Thore already knew that God had called him to build his house. In 2007 he left behind a successful career, studied theology and swapped his Mercedes for an Opel. He founded the “Basis” with friends, which is today Equippers Mainz. Together with his wife Gabi, he dreams of building a passionate and relevant church.

During every session, the kids are taken care of by our Kids team.