International Forum Altötting

International Emmanuel Youth Forum
02. – 07. August 2022
A faith festival for young people between 17 and 30 from all over Europe. Celebrate together, listen, chill, pray, be active, have good conversations and learn from each other… share the experience that faith unites and opens new perspectives.
Not theoretically, someday for someone, but concretely and now in your life. Share your hope and dreams and be part of building a peaceful world.

International Forum Altötting - Teensforum
03. – 07. August 2022
You can do better than just a standard summer holiday! Together with about a hundred other teens from 13 to 17 years old, you camp near Altötting and have a great five days.

In a community that carries and strengthens you. Music, workshops, sports, teachings, good conversations, campfires, chilling out, joyful prayer and Holy Mass, meeting new people and making friends. Reflect on yourself and rise above yourself!

Forum for adults
04. – 07. August 2022
Open-Air-Program with time for moving topics, personal talks, strengthening prayers, mass with a smile and big band to open your horizon. Additionally, leisure activities and most of all… no stress

You would like to go deeper? The come earlier and join the Emmanuel Meeting (03. – 04. August 2022). For all who would like to spend a more intense time with the Emmanuel Community in prayer, with talks and conversations.

Forum for children
04. – 07. August 2022
For school kids until 12 years. On the big field of a monestary, there is a lot of room for you and your ideas: art and construction, sports, games and fun, also more quiet times, listening what god has to say. And ice cream – well, it’s vacation time!

Smaller children from 3 to 6 meet at the Josefsburg castle. Music, sports, games, water play, children prayers, in small groups.