Thu, 10/31/24 - Sun, 11/3/24 TOS Church and Conference Center, Tübingen

Awakening Fire Conference

Generations full of Holy Spirit Fire

Now is the time for generations to be set aflame again with the fire of revival.


Ticket Standard

€130.00 (incl. booking fee)

Sales end on: 10/31/24

Tagesticket Freitag

€49.00 (incl. booking fee)

Sales end on: 10/31/24

Tagesticket Samstag

€49.00 (incl. booking fee)

Sales end on: 10/31/24

Shipping and Payment Information

Thu, 10/31/24
Entry: 6:30 pm
Start: 7:30 pm
End: Sun, 11/3/24 , 1:00 pm

TOS Church and Conference Center
Eisenbahnstraße 126
DE-72072 Tübingen

Eisenbahnstraße 124
DE-72072 Tübingen


Awakening Fire Conference

When fathers and mothers, sons and daughters minister together in the power of the Holy Spirit, the words of the prophet Joel 3 are fulfilled: “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh!” - “I will give miraculous signs in heaven and on earth!” - “On Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be salvation!”

Donnerstag, 31.10.
19.30h Session 1

Freitag, 01.11.
10.00h Session 2
15.00h Session 3
19.30h Worship & Prayer

Samstag, 02.11.
10.00h Session 4
15.00h Session 5
19.30h Worship Night

Sonntag, 03.11.
10.00h Healing House

16.00 Gottesdienst

Jugendliche ab 14 Jahren benötigen ein Ticket.

Auf unserem Parkplatz und entlang der Eisenbahnstraße kann kostenlos geparkt werden.

Eddie James

Eddie James ist ein Gospel- und Soulmusiker aus den USA, der schon in den Charts war und mit seiner Musik die Herzen junger Menschen für Jesus gewinnen möchte. Da er selbst bereits mit neun Jahren begann Musik zu machen, möchte er die Gaben Gottes in jungen Erwachsenen fördern und hervorbringen. Eddie James Ministries ist ein Dienst mit einer starken Last für Verlorene und Verletzte, der die gute und heilende Botschaft der Liebe Jesu in die ganze Welt streut.

Stefan Haas

Stefan and his wife Dorothee are pastors of TOS church in Leipzig / excellent Bible teacher who knows how to share revelation from the Word of God in a way that young people can understand and apply it to their own lives.

Jobst Bittner

Jobst Bittner is the founder and president of March of Life. In 2007, he started the movement that has organized events in 20 nations and over 400 cities with the message "Remember - Reconcile - A Statement for Israel and against Antisemitism".

David Hogan

David is an apostle of faith in our time. His ministry in Mexico has seen hundreds of new churches planted under the most challenging circumstances, miraculous healings, and even the dead brought back to life through the power of prayer.