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Fr., 27.10.23 Friedenskirche Rottendorf, Rottendorf

Tina Boonstra - live in Concert

Das erste Mal in Deutschland.
Singer-Songwriterin und Newcomerin Tina Boonstra & Band aus London spielen ihre inspirierenden Songs über Zweifel und Glaube, Lebenskämpfe und Siege. Absolut empfehlenswert.


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Fr., 27.10.23
Beginn: 19:00 Uhr

Friedenskirche Rottendorf
Jahnstraße 1
DE-97228 Rottendorf

Pfarrer Christian Dellert
Pfarrstraße 4
DE-91726 Gerolfingen

Tina Boonstra - live in Concert

Tina Boonstra Bio and social links
Tina expected her songs to find their home in the church halls she grew up in, but it wasn’t
until she began performing on the London open mic circuit that she cut her teeth as a
performer. Since then, she's honed her craft into a treasure trove of songs that are bold,
compelling and refreshing in their like of contrivement (Fresh on the Net).
Featured on Spotify's New Music Friday, BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing London and
Nialler9, her music is described as ‘a collection of moving, honest, brave songs that will
school its listeners in empathy and introspection.’ (Get In Her Ears)
From the vulnerable strains of isolation and doubt, to sprawling heights of love and
friendship there isn’t a place where Tina’s astute observation and crafted storytelling doesn't
go. Her debut album is out now.
Watch the music video for Circle back, start again
Praise for Circle Back, start again
“...a striking introduction to a rising indie-pop talent...” - Songwriting Magazine
“The wool is pulled over our eyes when Tina Boonstra sings us the first chorus of Martha. It’s
as good an example of a song revealing itself as I have ever heard. I won’t ruin it, listen and
let it make you feel the way it did me.” (Nialler9, Glastonbury emerging talent competition)
“Whether it’s hope, loss or transition, Circle back, start again gives a voice to the ordinary,
allowing us to all feel like characters in a story and therefore like we’re all worthy and part of
something preserved.” Loud Women
“Boonstra’s voice carries the joy and pain of each of these moments, with her airy vocals
and resonant instrumentation evoking a deep sense of wistful longing” Under the radar mag
“Tina’s powerfully distinctive vocals are effortlessly entwined within pulsating percussion and
punchy guitar lines, sounding akin to the likes of Arlo Parks and Bear’s Den as a result.” Girl Gang Music
Social links

“…poignant and heart-wrenching…” - Under The Radar
Rising artist Tina Boonstra prepares to release her remarkable debut album CIRCLE BACK, START AGAIN., out on 28th April 2023.
At its heart, this album tells the story of women from all walks of life; they are rebuilding from the ruins, and forging new paths when life hasn’t gone to plan. It celebrates aspects of the human spirit that rarely find their place in indie-pop songs - the sacrifice of caring for elderly parents, the bond of love between sisters and the searing pain of losing a child. Tina elaborates, “as I started writing this album these stories just wouldn't leave me alone, and I resisted them, cause, well you're not supposed to write an indie pop album about middle-aged women. Yes there's love, and heartbreak and beauty, but also this sense of time rolling out over us and all around us. Lives woven together in ways that we can't really control or fully understand. Joy and freedom to love, but also searing pain, heartbreak and loss”. From the gentle strains of devotion evoked in ‘Why do good times fly?’, to the earthy vibrancy in ‘No time to wait’, this album oozes with a sense of both compassion and reassurance throughout. It tells the stories of women from all walks of life rebuilding from the ruin and forging new paths when life hasn’t gone to plan. Combining eclectic elements of indie-pop, folk and alt-country, Tina’s intimate lyricism is able to soar. Bittersweet moments are complimented by gently slowing synths in order to create a sound that feels invigorating yet vulnerable. It’s an album of contrasts; at points joyful and quirky and at other times, heart-wrenchingly sad.
Growing up on the outskirts of Liverpool, Tina’s love-story with music began in the heart of the church, later cutting her teeth as a performer at open mics in London. Since then, Tina has honed her craft into a treasure trove of songs that are bold, compelling and refreshing. Tina has been featured on Spotify's Mellow Pop and Easy Indie & Alternative playlists, as well as receiving support from BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson, BBC Intro London, Under The Radar, Get In Her Ears and Nialler9 to name a few.
This is an album of stories, stories of women navigating heartbreak, loss, love and the unexpected gifts that life brings.

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