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Awakening Europe - The Call Back 2020


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Donation Ticket

For a donation of over 20 Euros, this ticket will give you access to the full four days of the event. You may choose the amount you would like to sow into covering the cost of the event!

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чт, 30.07.20 -
вс, 02.08.20

Ahoy Arena
Ahoyweg 10
NL-3084 BA Rotterdam

GODfest Ministries e.V.
Leubaser Str. 50
DE-87437 Kempten

Awakening Europe - The Call Back 2020

For hundreds of years missionaries took the Gospel from Europe to the ends of the earth. Men and women gave up everything as pioneers, and as result of that the Good News travelled down the generations and into our lives. Now the very continent that sent those people out is in great need of Jesus again.

Awakening Europe - The Call Back is a vision God gave us for the summer of 2020 when He would Call Back to Europe people from around the world who have European heritage, as well as those who have a heart for this continent. We believe these people who He is calling will partner with believers in Europe to see a huge Harvest.

Maybe your mother, grandfather, uncle or even you were the first ones to believe in your family. Now you get to come and sow the Gospel back into the very soil of your heritage.

If you are already living in Europe, what a wonderful opportunity to participate in a mission trip to your OWN continent. Already thousands of people from 104 nations around the world have pre-registered to join you!

The main event will take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands (just 45 mins from Amsterdam) from July 30th until August 2nd. Just like every Awakening Europe, this historic time will start in a big Arena with speakers and bands from across the globe. We are believing for thousands of people to turn to God over these 4 days and for the shaking of the Netherlands and surrounding nations.

Right after this, the second part of the event begins. We will all spread out to over 20 major cities at one time across Europe, with street outreaches and night meetings. This is the mission trip aspect of The Call Back, and this will happen between Wednesday, August 5th and Friday, August 7th. The 20 Call Back cities are being finalized now and will be released by December 2019.

What now?
Please book and get your ticket to the event NOW! Over 104 nations have already pre-registered, so space is going to be limited. The 2 events, the Main event and the Call Back Cities, will be 9 days in total, but you are welcome to come to as little or as much as you desire. Only one ticket is needed for the entire event.

As far as booking your flights and hotels, we suggest you only book your accommodation in Rotterdam for now, but wait until early next year to book your flights. Booking later will help you decide which city you want to travel to after Rotterdam. Our research shows flights are usually cheaper about 4 months before departure, unless of course you find a great deal now. For those driving or in living in surrounding nations this obviously does not apply.

You will get to see some beautiful places in Europe and meet amazing people. Most of all though, you’re going to be part of history where around half a million Europeans will hear the Gospel through people like you. We are so excited for you to bring your strengths and to come back to your heritage. Europe is waiting!

(See our website and Facebook for more )

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Website: awakeningeurope.com