vr, 30-10-2020 - za, 31-10-2020 Samsung Hall, Dübendorf

ICF Ladies Lounge 2020 - go further! in Zürich


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Early Bird Price - Jugendliche 17-19 Jahre

€ 50,00 (+ € 5,00 VVK-Gebühr)

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Early Bird Price - Jugendliche 13-16 Jahre

€ 35,00 (+ € 4,00 VVK-Gebühr)

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vr, 30-10-2020 -
za, 31-10-2020

Samsung Hall
Hoffnigstrasse 1
CH-8600 Dübendorf

ICF Zürich
Zürichstrasse 131
CH-8600 Dübendorf

ICF Ladies Lounge 2020 - go further! in Zürich

Gracefully she sits there and looks into the distance dreamingly.

She – Who is SHE?

She is a daughter of the greatest, most beautiful kingdom that has ever existed.
She wears a crown and has been chosen for eternity.
She is of immeasurable value, infinitely loved.
Yet she is like an unfinished vessel in the hands of her creator.
A vessel that must be shaped and changed so it can serve the creator’s purpose.
Her father, the king – God – is the creator.
This process is not always pleasant, but SHE – his precious vessel – trusts him and allows it to happen.
Go further. She goes further with him.
Even if she sometimes can almost not bear the pain.
However, she goes through this to become more and more like her king and to reflect the glory of his kingdom.
She – his precious daughter.

You are HER. You are beautiful and we are really looking forward to welcoming you at the Ladies Lounge 2020 and going further together.
As a unity of women, we want to experience how God changes, forms and fills us through his spirit. How he equips us and prepares us for the struggles of life.
We want to become more and more like him and continue to find out who we are and why we are here. We want to reflect his glory even in our daily challenges and through wind, cold, heat and frost.
Together we will laugh and cry. We will dig up long forgotten dreams and dream bigger dreams than ever before. God has so much more in store for us than what we can imagine.

Let’s reflect God’s glory as daughters of the king and become more and more like him. Let’s go further together.

Ladies Lounge 2020 - go further!
We look forward to seeing you.

Susanna Bigger & Team



CO-Senior Pastorin ICF Church - Schweiz


Lead Pastor von C3 San Diego

Friday 30/10/2020
6:30 pm Doors open
8:00 pm Session

Saturday 31/10/2020
8:00 am Doors open
9:00 am – 6:30 pm Sessions incl. breaks

Further details will follow. Subject to changes.

From the moment the doors are opened, until they are closed again, we have various offers for you, such as a second-hand store, several cafes, and much more. Take time to enjoy the two Ladies Lounge days with your friends, your mother or your daughter, and get inspired.

We ask for your understanding that there is no possibility for child care at the Ladies Lounge. We desire for each woman to enjoy this time by herself and together with her friends. For breastfeeding mothers and their babies there is space available with live-broadcasting.

The conference language is Swiss German.
Translation will be offered into the following languages:
High German/French/English.
Further languages on request and according to our possibilities. Registration necessary.

There is a wide range of possibilities to have meals and refreshments for every budget in the Samsung Hall (restaurants, snack bars).

+41 43 366 76 76