fre, 2019-11-01 - sön, 2019-11-03 Blaue Kapelle, Stuttgart

Holy Spirit Takeover

Der Herr ist der Geist; wo aber der Geist des Herrn ist, da ist Freiheit. - 2 Korinther 3,17


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fre, 2019-11-01 -
sön, 2019-11-03

Blaue Kapelle
Junghansstraße 9
DE-70469 Stuttgart

Dennis Kankam BBC Stuttgart
Junghansstraße 9
KP-70469 Stuttgart

Holy Spirit Takeover

Freitag 01. November 2019
Session 1 - 19:30 Uhr

Samstag 02. November 2019
Session 2 - 17:30 Uhr
Session 3 - 19:30 Uhr

Sonntag 03. November 2019
Gottesdienst - 13 Uhr

Die komplette Veranstaltung wird in Deutsch und Englisch sein.

Tobi Arayomi

Tobi Arayomi

Tobi Arayomi lives in east Windor with his Family. Married to Prophet Nicola Arayomi and they have three beautiful little children. Founder and Pastor of Light London in March 2017. Vision of the church, Revival Family, Restoring Cities, Reforming Culture. Mission of the church, be loved, believe, be light. He is an Apostolic and Prophetic Minister. Also he is part of the Prophetic Voice TV with his twin Brother Tomi Arayomi and their spiritual Mother Dr. Sharon Stone. Together they make it available to invite and initiate the Prophetic Training School. A school which has the aim to train People to hear the voice of God in their daily lives. Tobi Arayomi a man of sound doctrine and eloquent speech, his aim is that everyone shall have an encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Dennis Kankam

Dennis Kankam

Dennis Kankam lives in Stuttgart, Germany. He has experienced how the Holy Spirit gave him access in Germany and around Europe to serve and to see how God revived, relieved and transformed, indiviuals, Churches and Ministries to live in the purpose of God. He has the passion to see reconciliation with the Father. He believes that an encounter with the Holy Spirit and enlightenment through the word of God, is the beginning of transformation in a life of every Person, as the bible says in John 3:5.